Inspect Garage Door Openers To Ensure Your Safety

There are innumerable instances when you have to open and close garage doors and it looks a very hectic job to open or close the door usually. For this reason, it is really important to invest in garage door openers.  Door openers provide easy access to the residence for it is safe, convenient and requires very little efforts. Usually, there are 4 different types of door openers based on different utilities and are present in wide ranges to make sure it fulfills your needs.

Chain drive

garage door openers

Different Drive Systems

This opener type involves a metal chain to force the opening and shutting operation. It is the most widely used door opener as it is very reliable, cost effective and durable for all climates. The only thing is that it is comparatively noisier in comparison to others. The chain drive is the traditionally used door for car garages in most parts of the world.

Belt Drive

This is a silent operating door which is highly performing and reliable. The operation involved is slow for opening and closing of doors. The belt drive openers are most advanced form of garage openers and it is a highly recommended form for modern utilities.

Screw drive

It is an opener that requires minimum maintenance as it is the most powerful and involves highly efficient mechanisms. The screw driver involves lifting mechanisms that function along threaded rods of steel. They are bit slower but comparatively noisy to the belt type.

Jack Shaft

These are the most unusual forms of openers as no traditional door can fit in this form. This form of opener is used in garages with hindered or cathedral ceilings for a jack shaft. The design also permits for overhead storage.

If you have further questions regarding garage door repairs, openers, installation and inspections search for a local garage door company. They should be able to answer all your questions and help with any repairs or maintenance that is needed.