3 Post-Storm Roofing system Maintenance Tips

Because your roof is designed as a barrier from severe weather, it takes a beating when storms come through the area. Here are 3 things you’ll want to do to your roof after a strong seasonal storm.

# 1: Check the Roofing System for Leaks

After a major storm goes through, you ought to increase into your attic and look for any indications of dripping. Make certain to look carefully around vent openings and along any locations where the roof slope or direction changes as these areas are the most typical points of entry for water. If you can get up in the attic while the rain is still coming down, that will be even better because you might be able to actually see the leakage as it is happening.

If you don’t inspect the roofing system for leakages and one establishes, it could quickly degrade your roof and compromise its structure and this would require a considerable roofing system repair work and even a complete replacement.

# 2: Inspect the Roof for Damage

After the storm leaves and clear skies return, check your roofing for any signs of damage. You can do this by walking around your property and searching for damaged shingles or flashing on the ground. Stand back from your house so you can get a much better view of the roofing and see if you can observe anything uncommon. While it is important to try to find indications of damage, it is not recommended for a homeowner to get up on their roofing. This can be extremely hazardous for somebody who is not experienced at strolling on roofs. There is not just a risk of falling, however you could cause even more damage to your roofing by not properly strolling on it.

In order to ensure your roof wasn’t harmed by the serious storm, you should have an expert roofer, like Flores & Foley, perform a thorough examination of your roof.

# 3: Clear out Your Gutters

High winds and strong storms will fill your seamless gutters with leaves, branches, and all way of other debris. If you don’t get the debris out of your gutters prior to the next rain, the downspout could end up being blocked, leading to rainwater leaking back under the eaves where it can do significant damage to the structure of the home.

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